How to Use a Microscope?

When you get your first microscope, how will you use it? Do you know how to find things in eyepieces?

This case provides you all of the accessories for beginning to use the microscope and explore the things.

ESSENWI Microscope Using Guide

At First, how to maginify the things?

This microscope is used Zoom Eyepiece, it provides 10x-16x for 3 objective lens, you will get 6 maginifications finally.



ESSENWI Microscope Using Guide

When you put on the slides, you need use 4x firstly tthat will help you find the target quickly. After your find, you can change the magnification to watch more details. Focus knob will help you to focus clearly during changing magnification.

ESSENWI Microscope Using Guide


In addtion, the microscope also provides you illumnator that will help you get more light when you are using. Of course, you need add 3 AA batteries(Not included) before using. You can adjust the light with aperture according your need.


ESSENWI Microscope Using Guide

Let's start with this microscope to explore the micro world. You can get it on the Walmart, delivery will take 2 days!


Enjoy it! See you next time~

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