How to Choose Your First Telescope in ESSENWI?

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This blog will intruduce our all telescopes for you that you can choose one depends on your need.


At first, the refractor telescope collection is include AZ70500 and AZ70700, they have same aperture 70mm but different focal length.


AZ70500 is a great choice for young kids, it is small and exquisite that can be an amazing gift for birthday, Chrismas, start to school, etc. This refractor telescope will lead kids to astronomy, we provide accessories that kids can explore how to use and find the moon even planets, it can help them to improve their practise skills. If they can fall in love astronomy through our telescope that will make up so proud.


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AZ70700 can a great camping partner to you, if you are outdoor lovers.It isportable to carry out that you can store in a bag and then you can take to everywhere you want, even traveling by air. If you like hiking or camping, we would like to advise you can take it together that will make you find more scenery. You can watch wild animals or plants in the day, and enjoy the galaxy at night.

In addtional, it is also good for beginners to first time to use telescope. Easy installation and using that you can aim your target quickly.

Of course, it is also a gift choice to your friends, partners and familys, enjoy it with them and use phone adapter to record what you have found, share it! 


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Newtonian telescope is the most affordable telescope for astronomy that you can start to explore more about cosmos. Our reflector telescopes are used manaul equatorial mount that you can learn how to find planets by hand, and identify the position of the constellations with some apps like Sky Tonight. This is the first step to learn about deep space. 

So, we are honored to be your first telescope to get started with astronomy, we will company with you to spend the most 'dull' time about space. Learning is hard work but fun, if you can keep on it, you will get more amazing part in space. You can start to deep space photograhy, and choose more professional telescope like Celestron and Meade. If you are not instereted with deep space, our reflectors provide all your needs for astronomy hobbies, and save your money by the way.


Then, let's look at the newtonian reflector telescopes!

We have 2 collections of 130EQ and 114EQ, 2022 is our first product collection, it provides the basic needs for all beginners and it is still a good choice with SALES NOW. As for 2023, we update the some details of the shape, like simplifying the way to install findscope. 

ESSENWI Telescope Collection
And, we update the phone adpater that new one will be suitable for more sizes of eyepiece including microscopes'. The 3X barlow lens is added to new 130EQ as well that provide you multiple magnifications.
Find a telescope that suits you best and start your astronomical journey! Don't miss the beauty you can see when you look up!
If you don't know how to use at the first time, we are glad to help you, contact us by email, text by Whatspp +16462097505.
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