How to use Straight Find Scope?


Have you ever got a telescope yet? If you a totally a beginner and no idea with the telescope, finding objects in the sky can be a challenge. That's where the findscope comes in – a handy tool that can make locating celestial objects a breeze. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the findscope and show you how it can enhance your stargazing experience.

At first, we can aim a building or plant has the pointy part, like roof or tree. 

For example:

I found a house, at this time I could easily find the roof in the eyepiece, but it was hard to find something in the sky. So we need to adjust the findscope to target the same as eyepiece that will help us to find planets quickly. 

As we all can see, I put the roof in the middle of the eyepiece, but is not in the center in the findscope. Our purpose is make the roof in the middle in the both, then we canuse findscope to find target and use eyepiece to observe directly without other adjustment.
Now, you can check your findscope holder, you can find the front is bigger than the back, so the findscope can be adjusted the angle to aim the target. Put the roof in the middle of the findscope, and tighten the screws then keep it in this position. 
ESSENWI Telescope
Here, you get the roof in this two like below, let's explore the astronomy!
If you have any questions about telescopes, comment or contact us directly, we would like to help you solve it!

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