ESSENWI: Telescopes and Microscopes Now on Amazon and Walmart, Kepulsar Telescopes Coming Soon to Amazon DE for Europe-wide Delivery

Certainly! ESSENWI is a reputable brand that offers a range of telescopes and microscopes. In addition to selling its products on its official website, ESSENWI has expanded its distribution channels to include popular online platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

By leveraging these platforms, ESSENWI is able to provide customers with the advantage of fast shipping within the United States. This includes the option for expedited two-day shipping, ensuring that customers can receive their orders quickly and conveniently.

Moreover, I'm pleased to share that Kepulsar, a sub-brand of ESSENWI, will soon be available on Amazon in Germany (DE) within approximately two months. Initially, Kepulsar telescopes will be offered for sale in Germany, but they will also be available for delivery to other countries in Europe. This expansion will enable customers across Europe to access Kepulsar telescopes and benefit from efficient shipping options.

By making their products available on multiple platforms and expanding their reach to different regions, ESSENWI and Kepulsar are committed to providing a seamless and accessible shopping experience for customers, ensuring that they can enjoy the benefits of high-quality telescopes and microscopes wherever they are located.

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